Our Sectors

Our Sectors

Commercial Real Estate
​of All Asset Types

We have gained expert knowledge of what makes a successful business and a successful career in all types of commercial real estate assets including industrial, office, retail.
CRE Developers, advisories,  and service-providers have benefited hugely from our contribution. 

Living Real Estate
​Primary & Rented

Living real estate sector has been growing at huge tempo. So has our Living practice which works closely with local and international players in both Built-to-Sell and PRS sectors. 

Investment Funds &
Asset Managers

We are especially privileged to have been trusted by leading investment funds in various set-ups (family offices, private equity, pension funds, REITs, to name a few) as well as asset managers all across the asset or fund size kinds.

Retail Chains & 

We work for retail and hospitality chains for roles ranging all across the board from CXOs to store management, from Hotel GMs to Front desk teams.

Building Materials & Design Solutions

This sectors are the true back-bone for the 'built environment' sectors. We recruit for building materials manufacturers as well as all kinds of architectural and design solution providers. 

Construction & 

We recruit for both civil engineering and infrastructure projects all across Europe. Whether your need is for a seasoned general contractor, or a project manager, or a top executive – we will find the people who can make your business successful. 

Our Services

Our Services

We’re your experts in helping organisations find the right people, wherever they may be. While our core business is executive search & selection, we offer a variety of services that complement our work and are tailored to the needs of your business. Our services include advertised, contingency, temporary & contract sourcing, as well as background checking. 

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Executive Search

Best fit to attract an experienced senior level professional for a job that needs someone with proven management ability and credibility.

New Market Entry

PropertyTalents can contribute also to Clients' entry to a new market. We can become your one-stop shop for market and competition analysis as well as an advisor for your team structure in the new market. 

Team Building

This service enables us to accurately match your requirements  with pre-qualified candidates from our active and constantly evolving network all across the focus sectors.

Above All: Add Value

Whatever the methodology we use, we are always driven by search for value to add to your business.  We are not merely offering recruitment services, we provide effective team-building solutions. 



A Truly European Company 

We are active in the following regions in Europe:

  • Western Europe (expansion stage): Germany, Benelux Region, Spain/Portugal, Austria, and other markets.
  • Central and Eastern Europe, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, and others South-Eastern Europe, including Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia. 
  • CIS markets, including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, etc. 

Our Values

Our Values

PropertyTalents is a company driven by values on various dimensions. 

Candidate Dimension 

We strive to identify ways to add value to Candidates' professional and personal growth. 

Client Dimension

For every Client we work with, our goal is to add value to their business by attracting best-fit Candidates for a specific business challenge. Also very importantly, we provide value to Clients by providing strategic corporate advisory and research. 

Market Dimension

At the highest level, we truly believe that our best practices and successful recruitment activities add value to each of the sectors we are active in. 

Commitment to Partners

We truly believe that our partners are on both sides of Client & Candidate divide. We value both and try to add value to both of them alike. Our success is only possible if our Partners are successful. That's the only way for us to reach our goals!

Effective Communication

Our Partners are both Clients and Candidates and do our best to inform both on all key milestones in the recruitment process. Candidates know well how they progress in the selection and Clients know the actual state of the search. 

Expert Sector Knowledge

Before we start any assignment, we first try to understand the business trends in a Client's sector, then the Client's current market positioning, challenges and opportunities, then the target role itself. Only with that knowledge do kick off our search. 

Continuous Development

We are always on the lookout for more optimal processes or innovative tools that will make us more effective to our Partners. Our methodology is in permanent process of polishing and adjustments to the current market conditions.

Outside of the box

We do have time-tested methods of delivering on our promise, but quite often we have to make use of our flexibility and lateral thinking, individually or as a team, to deliver an impossible outcome.  

Client Interaction


We build trust-based relationships with Clients

​We inform Clients about actual state of the search process

​We are doing our best till the successful placement

​We enrich Candidate profiles with details best suited for your business

​We start the search for you only after we are "experts" on your business ourselves

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Candidate Interaction

Candidate Interaction

We don't send your CVs or Profiles behind your back

​We inform you about each step in the recruitment process

​We strive to add value to your career through honest advice and effective interaction

​We need our candidates to succeed, and we do our best to make it happen

​We do our best to present you in the best of light, and need you to help us with that 

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Why work with PropertyTalents?

Why work with Us?

For more than 10 years we have been matching top candidates to job opportunities in our focus areas. Our experience gives us an excellent insight into the needs of both Candidates and Clients and this leads to a win-win situation for a successful placement.
  • Expertise in the built environment
  • Constant focus on bringing value to our business partners: Candidates and Clients alike
  • Our expert recruitment and consultative approach
  • Skilled at tapping into hidden pools of talent and working with hard-to-fill roles right across the global built environment sector

We have built up a wealth of experience and deep understanding of our focus sectors, which is just one of our unique selling points. 

We are ready to use this knowledge and experience to support your business or advance your career and help you reach your goals.

We are advising those who want to see their business and careers grow, by providing dedicated service.

Our History

Our History

PropertyTalents was founded in 2009 by a forward thinking founder who recognised that there is a serious disconnect between the traditional recruitment sector and the "built environment" industry. PropertyTalents aims not to be your typical recruitment company. It is a flexible, innovative organisation which values lateral thinking and fresh approaches to help you meet your needs.

The end result of this ambitious strategy is a new type of specialized recruitment company, one specializing in talent and the built environment. Since its formation, PropertyTalents has been helping companies across a range of fields find exceptional candidates, and helping candidates throughout the world find high-level jobs.

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