Our Sectors

Commercial Real Estate
​of All Asset Types

Our expertise in Commercial Real Estate is both broad and deep, covering industrial, office, and retail assets. We've contributed significantly to the success of various stakeholders, including CRE Developers, advisories, and service providers. Our comprehensive understanding of the market allows us to offer targeted solutions for business success and career advancement in this highly specialized field.

Living Real Estate
​Primary & Rented

Our Living Real Estate practice is expanding in step with the sector's rapid growth. We have a proven track record of collaborating with both local and international players in the Built-to-Sell and Private Rented Sector (PRS) markets. This dual focus allows us to offer tailored solutions that meet diverse needs, solidifying PropertyTalents as a trusted partner in this burgeoning field.

Investment Funds &
Asset Managers

We've earned the trust of leading investment funds across a range of structures, including family offices, private equity, pension funds, and REITs, as well as asset managers of various sizes. This diverse client base attests to our expertise and versatility in meeting the specialized recruitment needs of the investment community.

Retail Chains & 

We serve retail and hospitality chains across a wide spectrum of roles, from executive-level positions such as CXOs to operational roles like store management and hotel general managers down to front desk teams. This range demonstrates our capability to meet diverse recruitment needs in these consumer-focused industries.

Building Materials & Design Solutions

We actively recruit for the Building Materials and Design Solutions sectors, recognizing their foundational role in shaping the 'built environment.' Our services extend to manufacturers of building materials as well as providers of various architectural and design solutions, underscoring our comprehensive expertise in these critical industries.

Construction & 

We specialize in recruitment for civil engineering and infrastructure projects throughout Europe. Our expertise spans a range of roles, from seasoned general contractors to project managers and top executives. Our targeted approach ensures we find the talent that aligns with your specific business objectives in the construction industry.

Our Services

Tailored Talent Solutions for Your Unique Needs

At PropertyTalents, we specialize in connecting organizations with the ideal candidates, wherever they may be. While our foundational service is executive search and selection, we offer a portfolio of additional, customizable services to meet your specific requirements:

  • Executive Search & Selection: Our core offering, tailored to identify top-tier talent for your leadership needs.
  • Advertised Recruitment: Broaden your reach with our carefully crafted advertising strategies.
  • Contingency-Based Sourcing: Pay only when the recruitment process is successful.
  • Interim Management Placements: Targeted solutions for temporary leadership roles, providing expertise and stability when you need it most.
  • Background Checking: Comprehensive due diligence for peace of mind.

Executive Search: Experience Meets Credibility

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations require more than just skilled individuals; they need proven leaders with a track record of success. At PropertyTalents, we excel in identifying and placing experienced senior-level professionals in roles that demand not just managerial competence, but credibility and vision as well.

Our comprehensive search process goes beyond the typical candidate profile, taking into account nuanced factors such as leadership style, industry reputation, and alignment with your organization's core values. This targeted approach ensures that the professionals we place are not merely experienced, but are a true fit for the unique challenges and opportunities that senior-level roles entail.

By focusing on these critical aspects, we aim to provide a match that goes beyond qualifications on paper, delivering a leader who can truly drive your organization forward. Whether you're looking to fill a C-suite position, a specialized director role, or other high-level managerial posts, our services are designed to meet the distinct needs of both our Clients and Candidates.

In line with our core values of fairness, transparency, and a value-first approach, PropertyTalents remains committed to providing solutions that genuinely add value to your organization's leadership structure.

New Market Entry: Your Expansion Partner

Navigating a new market is a complex undertaking that requires more than just an understanding of the local landscape—it calls for a partner who can offer strategic insights and actionable advice. PropertyTalents is uniquely positioned to be that partner. We offer a one-stop solution for market and competition analysis, assisting you in understanding the nuances and opportunities in unfamiliar territories.

But our services go beyond mere analysis. We act as strategic advisors for structuring your team in the new market, ensuring that you have the right talent in place to execute your expansion plans effectively. By partnering with us, you not only gain access to valuable market intelligence but also benefit from our extensive network of pre-qualified candidates across various sectors.

Team Building: Crafting Sustainable Success

The strength of an organization often lies in the synergy of its teams, not just the individual brilliance of its members. At PropertyTalents, we specialize in helping you build robust, well-aligned teams that can navigate both the complexities and opportunities inherent in today's dynamic business landscape. 

Our team-building service leverages our active and constantly evolving network, which spans across various focus sectors. We don't merely fill vacancies; we strive to match pre-qualified candidates with your specific requirements, ensuring a harmonious blend of skills, experiences, and organizational culture. 

We understand that every organization is unique, with its own set of challenges, objectives, and cultural nuances. That's why our approach to team building is highly customized, tailored to align with your strategic goals and operational needs. Whether you're a startup looking to build a foundational team or an established organization aiming to diversify or expand, our service offers a precise, value-driven solution. In keeping with our core values of fairness, transparency, and a value-first approach, we go beyond mere placements. 

Our aim is to provide teams that not only fulfill immediate needs but also contribute to your long-term success.

Above All: Add Value

At PropertyTalents, our ethos is grounded in the unwavering pursuit of adding value to your organization. 

While recruitment is at the core of what we do, we understand that the real impact comes from building effective teams that can drive your business forward.

Our approach is methodologically agnostic, tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether it's executive search, team building, or strategic advising for market entry, every service we offer is designed to contribute tangible value to your operations. 

This value-driven focus ensures that we are not just filling roles but enabling your organization to reach new heights of success.

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Expanding Horizons: Your Trusted Partner Across Europe

PropertyTalents is not limited by borders; our reach extends far and wide, aiming to become the partner of choice for Career and Company Development across Europe.

Western Europe: A Strong Foundation

We have a well-established presence in Western Europe, where we've successfully collaborated with both global leaders and rising enterprises. Countries like Germany and the Netherlands have been central to our growth story,.

Central Europe: Diverse Markets, Consistent Excellence

In Central Europe, we've made a significant impact all across the region including countries such as Poland, Czechia, Hungary and Romania. Our ability to understand and adapt to diverse market conditions has been crucial in delivering tailored recruitment solutions here.

Southern Europe: Emerging Opportunities

Our expansion into Southern Europe is a recent yet strategic move, particularly with the initiation of operations in Italy and Spain. These markets represent exciting opportunities for both Candidates and Clients, and we're keen to replicate our success here.

Eastern Europe and Beyond: Venturing into New Territories

We're not just stopping at the EU borders; our services are now extending to emerging markets such as Georgia and Kazakhstan. This expansion signifies our adaptability and readiness to serve even more advanced and complex markets. Also, we are looking forward to having the opportunity to contribute to Ukraine's rebuilding efforts once the current conflict is resolved.

By covering this wide geographical scope, PropertyTalents is steadily progressing in its mission to become the go-to partner for Career and Company Development solutions across the European continent.

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Our Values

A Value-Driven Approach: Upholding Best Practices, High Standards, and Core Values

At PropertyTalents, our operations are guided by a steadfast commitment to our core values. This commitment is manifested across three key dimensions: Candidates, Clients, and Markets.

Candidate Dimension: Empowering Professional and Personal Growth

For every Candidate we engage with, our primary focus is on creating tangible benefits for both their career and personal life. Through our high standards and best practices, we offer not just job placements, but career advancements that align with each individual's unique skill set and aspirations.

Client Dimension: Beyond Recruitment—Strategic Advisory and Research

Our work with Clients extends far beyond recruitment. While our core objective remains to identify the best-fit Candidates for each unique business challenge, we also provide value through strategic corporate advisory and market research. Our comprehensive approach ensures that we are genuinely contributing to the sustainable growth and success of our Clients' businesses.

Market Dimension: Elevating Industry Standards

On a broader scale, we believe that our consistent adherence to best practices enriches the sectors we operate in. Our successful recruitment activities not only meet but often exceed industry standards, setting new benchmarks for quality and value addition.

By integrating our values into every aspect of our services, PropertyTalents stands as not just a recruitment agency but a partner committed to adding value across multiple dimensions.

Commitment to Partners: 
Clients and Candidates Alike
At PropertyTalents, we see our Clients and Candidates not merely as business associates but as valued partners. Our approach is grounded in mutual success; we recognize that our achievements are intrinsically linked to the success of our partners. By striving to add value to both Clients and Candidates, we create a win-win scenario that aligns with our long-term objectives. This synergistic relationship forms the cornerstone of our business model, ensuring that we all move forward together, fulfilling our respective goals and contributing to each other's success.
Expert Sector Knowledge: 
Informed Strategies for Targeted Results

At PropertyTalents, we believe that effective recruitment begins with in-depth understanding. Before initiating any assignment, we immerse ourselves in the current trends and dynamics of our Client's sector. This allows us to gauge market positioning, challenges, and opportunities specific to the Client. It's only after acquiring this holistic understanding that we commence our search for the ideal Candidate. This meticulous preparation ensures that our recruitment strategies are finely tuned to meet not just immediate needs, but also align with long-term business objectives.

Continuous Development: 
​Excellence and Adaptability

PropertyTalents is never static; we are in a constant state of evolution. Our relentless pursuit of optimal processes and innovative tools aims to enhance the value we provide to our Partners. We don't adhere to a fixed methodology; instead, our practices undergo continuous refinement to adapt to changing market conditions. This commitment to ongoing development ensures that we remain at the forefront of industry best practices, allowing us to serve our Partners with increasing effectiveness and agility.

Outside of the Box: 
Where Flexibility Meets 

At PropertyTalents, we're fluent in the language of traditional methods, but we're also quite eloquent in the dialect of innovation. Sure, our tried-and-true strategies have their merits, but sometimes the box is better as a launching pad than as a container. Whether it's a solo endeavor or a team brainstorm, we're adept at lateral thinking—call it our corporate superpower if you will. After all, delivering the "impossible" isn't just a feat; it's a fine art that we've mastered to give our Partners an edge in a world that rarely stays inside the lines.

Client Interaction Manifesto

Welcome to PropertyTalents' Client Interaction Manifesto. This document serves as a cornerstone of our engagement philosophy, outlining the principles and practices that guide our interactions with you—our valued Client. Rooted in our core values of fairness, transparency, and a value-first approach, this manifesto reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering not just results, but meaningful, lasting impact.

Building Trust-Based Partnerships

  • Establish a foundation of trust from the first interaction, setting the tone for all future engagements.
  • Commit to mutual respect and ethical conduct as the underpinnings of a successful, long-term relationship.

Transparent Communication

  • Keep you updated on the status of the search process with real-time insights and milestone updates.
  • Uphold transparency as a non-negotiable standard, fostering a culture of openness and clear communication.

Relentless Pursuit of Success

  • Strive for a successful placement as the ultimate measure of our service effectiveness.
  • Extend our commitment beyond initial placement, ensuring seamless onboarding and integration of the Candidate into your team.

Tailored Candidate Profiling

  • Go beyond the resume to capture nuanced aspects of a Candidate's skills, experience, and suitability for your specific needs.
  • Enrich Candidate profiles with tailored insights that speak to the unique challenges and opportunities your business presents.

Expertise Before Execution

  • Conduct in-depth research to understand your business landscape, market positioning, and unique challenges.
  • Transform this understanding into actionable search criteria, elevating our role from mere recruiters to informed strategic advisors.
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Candidate Interaction Manifesto

Welcome to PropertyTalents' Candidate Interaction Manifesto. 

This document encapsulates our philosophy and approach towards our engagement with you, our valued Candidate. In line with our core values of fairness, transparency, and a value-first approach, this manifesto aims to articulate our unwavering commitment to your career development and overall success.

No Back-Channel Communications

  • We promise not to send your CV or profile to any client without your explicit consent.
  • Protecting your privacy and respecting your choices are foundational to our approach.

Full Transparency in Recruitment

  • Keep you informed about each phase in the recruitment process, ensuring you're never in the dark.
  • Transparency extends to feedback, expectations, and any changes in the recruitment timeline.

Adding Value to Your Career

  • Provide candid advice aimed at advancing your career, not just filling a vacancy.
  • Utilize effective interaction to identify and align your career aspirations with the right opportunities.

Your Success is Our Success

  • Invest in your success by offering resources, coaching, and consistent support.
  • Work diligently to position you for success, from the interview process through to placement and beyond.

Presenting You in the Best Light

  • Put forth the most compelling aspects of your profile to potential employers.
  • Seek your active collaboration in this, whether it's providing additional information or fine-tuning your CV, to ensure we present an authentic and impactful picture.

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Why work with PropertyTalents?

Over a Decade of Expertise

  • For more than 10 years, we've been at the forefront of recruitment in our focus sectors, matching top candidates with ideal job opportunities.
  • Our extensive experience grants us unparalleled insights into the needs of both Candidates and Clients, enabling us to facilitate successful placements that are mutually beneficial.

Trust-Based Partnerships

  • From the outset, we prioritize building a relationship founded on trust, setting the stage for all future engagements.
  • We adhere to the highest ethical standards, ensuring a successful and long-lasting relationship built on mutual respect.

Transparent, Open Communication

  • You'll always be in the loop with updates on the recruitment process, including real-time insights and significant milestones.
  • For us, transparency isn't a buzzword; it's a fundamental principle that guides our operations and communications.

Unyielding Commitment to Success

  • Our mission goes beyond filling a role; we aim for a successful placement that serves as a testament to the effectiveness of our services.
  • But we don't stop at placement; we continue our commitment through the onboarding process and beyond, ensuring a seamless transition for the Candidate into your team.

In-Depth Candidate Profiling

  • We delve deeper than just resumes, capturing the nuances of a Candidate's skills and experiences to better match them to your specific needs.
  • Our enriched Candidate profiles provide you with tailored insights that address the unique challenges and opportunities presented by your business.

Expertise Before Action

  • We conduct rigorous research to fully understand your business landscape, market positioning, and unique challenges.
  • This foundational understanding allows us to act not just as recruiters, but as strategic advisors who can guide you effectively.

Hidden Pools of Talent

  • Our consultative approach and sector expertise enable us to tap into hidden talent pools and handle hard-to-fill roles across the global built environment sector.

Value-Driven Focus

  • Our unique selling point is our deep understanding and wealth of experience in our focus sectors.
  • Whether it's advancing your career or supporting your business, we're committed to helping you achieve your goals through our dedicated services.

Our History: 
Pioneering a New Paradigm in Recruitment

The Genesis: Bridging a Gap

  • Founded in 2009, PropertyTalents emerged from the vision of a forward-thinking founder who identified a glaring disconnect between the traditional recruitment sector and the specialized needs of the "built environment" industry.
  • From the outset, our aim was clear: to transcend the limitations of typical recruitment companies and offer something fundamentally different.

A Fresh Perspective

  • We are not just another recruitment firm; we are a dynamic, innovative organization that values lateral thinking and fresh approaches.
  • Our flexibility enables us to adapt to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each Client and Candidate, ensuring tailored solutions that truly meet your needs.

Specialized Expertise

  • Our ambitious strategy has culminated in a new breed of specialized recruitment company, one that focuses intently on talent within the built environment.
  • This specialization has become our hallmark, setting us apart in a crowded marketplace.

A Decade of Impact

  • Over the years, PropertyTalents has successfully partnered with companies across various sectors, helping them discover exceptional candidates.
  • Concurrently, we've been instrumental in aiding candidates globally in securing high-level positions that align with their career aspirations.

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Our Future: The Road to Becoming a Pan-European Leader

A Pan-European Ambition

As PropertyTalents gazes into the horizon, our vision for the future is unequivocally set on becoming a pan-European leader in specialized recruitment for the built environment. 

This isn't merely an aspiration but a logical next step in our evolution, building on more than a decade of unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and value-first service.

Scaling for Tomorrow

Our immediate strategy involves scaling our operations to meet the surging demand in the market. We're not just focused on countries where we've already made a mark; we are actively extending our footprint across all of Europe. From the well-established markets in Western Europe to the promising landscapes in Eastern Europe and even beyond to emerging markets, our goal is to be the partner of choice for Career and Company Development solutions continent-wide.

Values that Endure

But as we embark on this ambitious journey, one thing will remain constant: our core values. Fairness, transparency, and a value-first approach have been the bedrock upon which PropertyTalents was built, and they will continue to guide us. As we grow and expand, these principles will ensure that we never lose sight of what's most important—the personalized, high-quality service that our Clients and Candidates have come to expect and appreciate.